Which areas of my life can life coaching help with

A: The areas of your life which can be worked on are entirely your choice and we have worked with people from all background, ages and experience levels.

The areas could be your career, your business, your confidence and self esteem, skills enhancement, overcoming phobias, your personal relationships, your social life, workplace/ social conflict, working through past trauma, motivation, health and fitness, weight loss/gain and many other areas, but contact us to find more information.

How many sessions will it take

A: The amount of sessions required will range from person to person so it will be difficult for any estimation to be made in the initial session.

During the session it is easier to liken the mind to a computer. Within the computer are programmes, (beliefs) which create results (our actions) and if the programmes are relatively straight forward to unlock or the client is simply after psychological education the sessions may be as little as one or two. However if the belief patterns are complex and hidden within the sub-conscious mind it will take longer.

It is understandable that results are desired as soon as possible, but please note that the mind will only release limiting beliefs and/ or allow success when it feels comfortable and this process cannot be forced and any form of forcing results will only reverse the process and slow results.
The coaching session unless pre agreed will be once per week, we have found this to be the optimum method for reaching the highest results.

Are there any concerns to be aware of?

A: With any coaching around the emotions there is always the possibility that it can at some points be emotionally tender, but as my coaching is of an extremely high level and or well versed dealing with challenging situations, however if this happens it is usually very short lived and a new feeling of confidence will arise immediately after as the limiting belief is resolved.

However for the majority of clients they find coaching an inspiring and rewarding journey where they happily face the challenges of limiting beliefs as they become aware of the benefits and realisations of their new lifestyle.If the coaching is purely around education (personal fitness training for example) it is a very simple and enjoyable process and is a general case of practising new skills.

What is required of me in coaching?
A: The coaching process requires 100% commitment from both coach and client. During the session it is required that you:-Bring a journal to write your learning’s in and complete during and outside of sessions.
Complete homework set
Be punctual
Be honest
And any other guidelines stated on the initial terms and conditions
Are coaching sessions confidential?

A: All coaching sessions are extremely confidential and private and any personal details (which are kept to a bare minimum) will always be stored on a password protected file or in a locked filing cabinet. All details discussed in the sessions are also strictly confidential and will not be mentioned out of session.

The only time I am legally bound to disclose any information is if information shared in the session is of an illegal nature or actions intended to be taken which are to cause physical harm towards another person.

How will I know if the coaching is working?

A: With coaching, results are more measured on how a person will feel and the confidence, motivation and energy levels they have during and after. Usually our clients notice a desire to be more out going, get the tasks done, take on new challenges or a general feeling of inner peace.

To note, sometimes the coaching sessions will feel that there is continual growth and will be elating, however sometimes it can feel as though there is not much change and then all of a sudden life will just leap forward and big changes seem to appear overnight.
However as the session progress feel free to ask for feedback and each stage will be explained.