Good morning

Varanasi 28th March

Good morning all. It’s getting ever hotter here and thank
goodness for fans and air conditioning! Hoping you’re all well.

Apologies for not being in touch with blogs for a while.
There’s been so much going on and there is so much to tell. I’m now finally in
Varanasi, a place that’s called to my soul for several years…probably

I flew in yesterday from Dehli Airport – you’ve truly never
seen anything like it. I gasped at the flowers, the cleanliness and the beauty
of the place, considering this is India and I have learnt to expect the
UNEXPECTED on a daily basis, well that topped many things! This time in a great
way. When I counted the number of gardeners and all were dressed in smart green
uniforms, some SWEEPING the grass…well, I am serious and yes it was such a
relief from the streets with open sewers running at the side and also the
rubbish. Swiftly moving on…

The airport was SPOTLESS, the efficiency was truly unbelievable
and the speed and ease through checking in and security. Women go through a separate
X ray here and are checked behind a curtain by a woman. When I got to the
boarding gate, on time, we were STRAIGHT on the plane…no mucking about and
being packed in like sardines into a waiting room to then have ten minutes to
get to your seat and all that craziness.

Upon boarding the cleanliness of the plane, the seats, the
folded seatbelts as you got on, the sincere smiles of the Eastern girls and Bloody
Hell yes, unbelievable. A female pilot, super smooth flight and sitting next to
a Buddhist Monk from Tibet – many of you know of my past lives there…well,
what a blast.

Varanasi is lovely, it is one of THE most spiritual places
in India and is sited on The Ganges River and there’s a local café called The
Aum Café with ORGANIC VEGAN food to die for. The salads which are all washed
with bottled water; so we soft buggers from the CIVILISED World!!! (more like
uncivilised with what I’m hearing), can eat to our hearts content. The cakes
are amazing – as my waistline will agree…ummm, might need to do more T’ai Chi
than I thought!!!

Pics to follow and I am sure tears by The Ganges too.

Much Love Mary


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