The Healing Of India

As a healer I have always taught of the ability and healing power of healing YOUR life. This is done through healing your soul and listening to your body, whilst controlling and loving your mind.

Several years ago I knew it was the right time for me to travel and journey. Two of my dear sons lived in New Zealand so that was certainly just one of the places on my bucket list.

As time went on India kept coming up time, after time.

Many of us know the relevance of Divine timing and not being allowed nor forcing things to unfold.

I waited until I was guided by my intuition to put my house on the market. The intention to sell and move away was clear. I felt I had to leave behind all I knew and search for the spiritual places on the planet; with the aim to raise my vibration whilst also giving myself permission to rest.

I’ve always been a busy person and loved my life. Now I was coming to a still place, a still point and a quieting of ALL things.

I set my business up in the year 2000. At the time I was also working in the Civil Service and my whole being. especially my soul was struggling to work with the protocol and limitations. I needed something else to fulfil me. I certainly wasn’t sure what that was, nor what that would be, I just knew that there had to be a change.

Over the years I built up the business and let go of what had been holding back my growth. From that time I have had the honour of learning new skills, meeting some truly marvellous people and opening my soul, more and more.

Taking the decision to sell my beautiful home in Spring of 2017 and let go of my possessions to friends and family was quite a challenge. Looking around at the house and each of the rooms, as they gradually emptied of the things that had once made it MY home, I recognized that the home was becoming once more simply a house. The house was ready to move on and so was I.

I had been decluttering for many months and by now had very few clothes left by comparison to previous times.

Its always funny how The Universe works her magic when she is ready and the timing is Divine. The house was sold on 2nd October. Finally I could honour my travel plans. In November I met a client called Duncan who asked if I wanted to travel to India with him. He had been travelling for over 19 years and had worked in both New Zealand and Australia.

For those of you that know me well, I always go on intuition. I agreed immediately and was delighted as over the coming weeks. Whilst waiting for the sale and transactions to be finalized we met occasionally to make the arrangements regarding flights, visas and accomodation. It was exciting yet scary, both at the same time. In my soul I had no doubt that I was doing the right thing.

Letting go of the business and everything I had built up was so hard initially until I came to a deeper place of inner peace. The word TRUST took on more meaning and seemed to reach to a new level as I trusted this man that his planning would take us far away – further than I had ever travelled and that he would keep me safe.

I had many clients who were in tears at my leaving and many who had become incredibly wonderful friends too. That morning our flight was booked from Manchester airport for 09.25 therefore it would be an early start to pack and catch the train to the railway station. I had already passed my beloved BMW to my son.

My dear parents gave hugs and their words of wisdom as my son packed the car. Collecting Duncan we arrived on time in Preston. The train was on time and sitting there with the suitcases it was quite a realization to know that this was all I now possessed and would need for the coming months.

Security and checking in were easy as we drank a cuppa to celebrate our freedom and to welcome the unknown.

Thoughts of my dear friends and family, especially my granddaughters brought tears on occasions as we waited to board the plane.

I’ve never done a long haul flight before and 9 hours in a cramped space was not so easy. We chatted comfortably with each other and the other passengers, although I was realizing by now that I was making the journey with someone I must surely have known from other lives to agree to this adventure.

Arriving here has been magical and you’ll have to watch these blogs now to find out more.

My love and best wishes

Mary x



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