Another day in paradise. SO, we have been here almost a
fortnight here now. What have I earned? What have I experienced? How has India
changed me? If at all. Would I rather be anywhere else? Was it what I had
expected? What do I love about India? Do I have any regrets?

The weeks leading up to coming here I was too exhausted and
otherwise too busy to think about India. My last day in the UK was spent with my
dear friend Phill and my family. I had promised to take four of my granddaughters
out for the day to give my daughter Emily and son in law Russ time to
themselves. It was absolutely freezing with a biting, cutting wind. Typical
Winters’ day in Lancashire!

We were going to take them on Southport Pier though we were
worried they might blow away like Mary Poppins. Instead we opted for Hebden
Bridge and Haworth. Although extremely cold, the sun was shining and we made
the most of the day. The girls are so precious to me and watching them play on
the playground and laugh throughout the day, was providing me with beautiful
memories which I certainly now hold dear in a most beautiful treasure chest.
The icing on the cake was sharing a meal with all the family that evening and
being spoilt rotten. The honour of putting my granddaughters to bed, one by one
was something I’ll remember forever.

Thank goodness for social media. I miss my family dearly.
Parting from my parents the following morning with mum in buckets of tears and dad
giving me his best wishes were also powerful memories.

I am so lucky to have dear friends and family. Phill stayed
til about 2am, checking I was packed and sorted. I had to be up at about 4.45
to get my dear son, Nicholas taxi, collect Duncan and get to Preston railway
station for just before 6am.

After two weeks here….what are my learnings? To appreciate
all that I have shared with friends and dear family. To appreciate hot water
and a shower. To appreciate English tea in the morning. To appreciate a meal
cooked with love. To appreciate a meal cooked in a clean environment. To deepen
my appreciation of the sunsets and sun rises which are spectacular here. To
deepen my appreciation of the connection to Mother Earth and how we ALL impact
on one another. To love the sea as I always have and appreciate the power of
each and every wave as it crashes to shore.

To appreciate Homeopathy, aromatherapy and healing cream,
for mosquito bites. To appreciate the power of sharing a smile and laughter
with others. To remembering good manners and saying “Thank You” after a meal.

To practise simply being ME. I have met some wonderful
people here; both local Indians and other fellow travellers too. I’ve
experienced beautiful friends sending me messages from the heart – many have
really understood WHY I need to do this journey. I loved finding our favourite
beach, our favourite Samosa shop, our favourite breakfast bar – complete with
about ten cats, our favourite shop and share fun and laughter.

To deepen my friendship and connection with Duncan. He promised
to look after me whilst we are together and he has truly come above the bar. He
planned the trip, sorted the visas and accommodation and I’m loving sharing the
many, many experiences. I truly feel like I can be myself here and the Litmus
test was certainly when he stuck around whilst I was truly ill a few days ago
with THE most horrendous sickness and diarrhoea.

I’ve learnt humility can be deepened and my connection and
appreciation to everything can continue massively. I’ve learnt that I feel safe
in my own skin and am feeling and finding a deeper peace within myself.

Any regrets?

Absolutely not!

Thank you Universe.


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