Are You Stressed Out? Maybe You’re An Empath

Are you stressed out?

Do you feel others emotions and atmospheres in rooms/houses?

Do you sometimes feel like your emotions are on overdrive?

How do you calm yourself in times of stress?

Do you struggle to switch off?

“Wild Girl”

While I was up in the trees listening to the wind

I heard your mother wish she were childless.

While I was under the hedge listening to the cat

I heard my father long for someone, not his wife.

While I was flat-out on the lawn listening to the clouds

I heard the neighbours lose their hope.

Then, when I was racing on my bike, listening to my ears

I heard the church lie about it all.

And you thought I wasn’t paying attention.

Why is it that outsiders always have the insight

But insiders rarely have outsight?

Quote from The Language Of Emotions by Karla McLaren

Does this describe you? Can you relate to it?

The power of the subconscious mind is amazing. We are always listening to sounds, voices and silence. We interpret so much through our feelings yet rarely actually feel.

Have you ever heard the term “Being in the moment”…..Do you understand what it means?

Often we are so busy in our lives that we forget the importance of BE-ing. We are a soul experiencing life through the body.

How do you BE; just simply BE….are you able to just Be or do you need to be doing all the time?

Can you rest in silence easily?

How comfortable are you with your inner silence and inner self?

Do you always have to wear headphones and have a distraction?

Do you have obsessions?

Obsessive compulsive disorder?

Or can you easily be silent amongst nature and the trees?

How often do you get to spend time in nature?

How often do you feed your soul?

How often to you just BE?

By answering these questions you’ll become much more self-aware. By becoming self-aware you will grow and develop, becoming aware of what floats your boat and what causes it to sink!

Do you want to sink or float? It’s your decision and your ultimate choice.

If you need a hand give me a call to make an appointment. Onwards and upwards it is.


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