Meditation & Mindfulness Evenings

Over ten years ago I ran a meditation and mindfulness group to inspire and enthuse peoples souls. After six years it felt the time was right to close the door. In January I intuited that they should be rekindled once more, rather like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

So every FIRST Wednesday of each month I shall be holding an Earth meditation and healing group. The intention is to open your soul to your highest purpose, to de-stress and for people to live rather than just exist.

All welcome. £12. Start time 7.30pm Р9pm.

When we open our souls we are able to listen to our inspiration, creativity and passion in life. Many of us struggle with every day life and the monotony. Many people feel stressed and have so many health problems because they think its normal that they should be ill. By taking control of your life and actually listening to your body, mind and soul you will often see the results immediately. Taking personal responsibility for our lives has tremendous implications with our personal relationships too.

I will be using meditation techniques, energy work, healing, mantras and exercises to enable you to take these simple techniques and use them in your daily lives to live well, stress-free and reducing ill health, blood pressure, heart disease, skin problems, headaches, digestive problems and much, much more.

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself? Are you feeling out of balance? Fed up? Angry? Frustrated? Annoyed? Fed up of feeling life is falling apart?

If you answer YES to any of these then this is very probably a YES for you to grab your coat and come along. You’ll receive a warm welcome and the kettle is always on too. Fun, laughter and sharing with like-minded people awaits.



When we pray we ask for help, when we meditate we listen to the answer.


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