I love my work as a Homeopath and flower essence practitioner. Using natural remedies to heal the body without side effects has surely got to be the way forwards. I have over 400 remedies treating illness and all kinds of symptoms such as confidence and attacks, allergies, dyslexia to name but few.

We are all individuals and the homeopathic consultation takes into account YOU. It  looks at what you like and what life experiences have most influenced you to date. The initial consultation may take up to two hours.

The Queen and the Royal Family all have their own Homeopath.

 Patients usually feel improvements in their health within one to three sessions; often it is immediate and permanent.

Most recently I have treated HIV/AIDS patients in Liverpool.  I have been greatly enthused and inspired by the work at Sahir House, Rodney Street.  Some patients have remained without symptoms for twenty years.

Encouraging my clients and patients TO BE is my goal by assisting them with self-awareness and their individual empowerment.

Besides running a busy practice from home, I also work in the local community centre; offering treatments and consultations.

I regularly run workshops, seminars and talks on health and well-being, nutrition, self-confidence, awareness, to name but few.  I also hold weekly meditation/relaxation classes.

If you would like an appointment or more information just phone Mary on 07828 929659
or send me a message.