Reiki Healing

I was asked earlier,,,,,What exactly is Reiki Healing?
That’s a huge question. Reiki Healing is about learning to tune into Universal energy, or Chi or Prana.
This natural Universal energy is all around us. By using it wisely we bring things into balance. Nature is balanced, ie. the sun, moon & the seasons work in harmony, the flowers know when to flower & trees know when to produce fruit. The animals know where to live, when to mate and listen to their instincts too, they also when to hibernate etc.
Many people are existing rather living. Reiki puts the spring back in your step. Bringing balance to relationships, jobs, hobbies & brings us balance body, mind & soul. It assists our health and well-being. That is to say that we become balanced mentally,spiritually,physically & emotionally too. Often we become more intuitive too. So many people who have learnt and practice Reiki feel more connected, both to themselves and others. People often heal family rifts and separation issues too. We frequently find new friendships and jobs,or careers, hobbies and I can honestly say Reiki changed my life much for the better too.
When we are out of balance we produce illness or dis-ease. That may be something simple like a headache, digestive problems or something much more serious. Reiki assists that too.
I’ve had many miracles in my work where tumours, hernias, cysts have disappeared, pregnant women who were told that they couldn’t get pregnant have become pregnant. Reiki helps with pain – relief too.
It helps people to pass peacefully to the other side too. It assists greatly in pain relief too. to be honest its limitless.
It encourages positive mental attitude & assists is together with the law of attraction to find what we actually really desire.
Most of all it enhances our souls-nurturing & feeding the soul become our priority.
Hoping this helps.
Best wishes
Much love
Mary x

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