The Goldfish That Jumped


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“The Goldfish That Jumped” is a personal biography of Mary Curtis, how she escaped the proverbial goldfish bowl of life. Being very sensitive as a psychic medium and clairvoyant, Mary shares her experiences of how she managed to cope with her unique gifts and develop them to provide helpful insights for others.

Discover how Mary goes from a life of drudgery, stifling government protocol in the Civil Service to living a life filled with miracles, making a difference to thousands.

The Goldfish That Jumped unfolds the adventures of Mary’s mysterious world as we join her on an inspirational and heart-warming journey. The book is full of humour, life’s bitter-sweet twists and turns and really will touch your soul.

“Compelling, powerful, triumphant, fast – paced, cleverly weaves important life lessons into an irresistible story that demands to be read.” Christine Miller – Editor and CEO, Your Ultimate ReSource

Paperback. 251 pages. ISBN 978-1-905930-03-6

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