A Personal Note As An Author and a Reiki Healer

I have always loved English and was blessed to have a wonderful teacher whilst at school who was my inspiration.

In 2000, I first experienced Reiki healing and attended T’ai Chi classes. My life began to change dramatically and I became aware that I was outgrowing my job in the Civil Service. Soon enough The Universe took care of my frustrations and I was ill with C.F.S or M.E for almost a year. Upon leaving my job I was full of fear at the unknown; having four young mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay, the thought of having no income was certainly not pleasant.

It was time for change and time for me to trust that things would work out IF I followed my intuition. Within three months I was offered a position at a local clinic in Longridge and  to be honest I have never looked back. I began doing psychic readings and healings and also teaching Reiki. Since then I trained as a Homeopath and a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and a life-coach.

I have learnt so much from clients and patients in this time and assisting them to get back on their perch has helped me too in my own personal growth and development. Indeed, several years ago whilst running a meditation group, many attendees asked what it had been like for me growing up as a natural clairvoyant and medium. By this time, about ten years ago, I was well-established in my field and it FELT right to begin to write my own biography.

The Goldfish That Jumped was a work in progress for almost a year and I started the book to include my journey since the Reiki and the T’ai Chi had brought profound changes into my life. I asked several friends to read the manuscript and they loved it although they wanted to know more about how my life had been influenced by my natural gifts as a healer and a psychic medium.

Going back to the drawing board was quite frustrating to be honest and it felt like an uphill climb for well over another twelve months. However, once finished there is editing and formatting to be done which soon became a huge lesson of patience and trust for me.

The first book was published finally in May 2011. It was widely received by friends and clients and has brought many insights to the readers far and wide. Of course once a book is written then often you get the writers bug and sure enough in 2015 The Kingfisher That Rocked followed. From Stuck duck To Hummingbird was finished in December 2016, just before my dear son came home for Christmas from New Zealand.

Little did I know then that 2017 would bring my first novel Reflections Of a Hummingbird. The total joy that the writing of this book brought to me personally has been outstanding. The testimonials are very toughing and I truly hope that millions of readers experience the wealth of wisdom and insights within its pages. Looking for a great read? Here’s your answer. Looking to change your life? Order your copy today and please let me know your thoughts.

Sacred Blessings Mary x



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