Personal Development


Questions to ask yourself;

Is personal development important to you?

How well do you know yourself?

How well do you think others know you?

Do you feel others should naturally know you and understand you?

Have you a right to expect them to understand you if you fail to understand yourself?

Do you live your life through other people?

Know what floats your boat and makes you happy?

Feel you have a right to be happy?

Feel nurtured and heard?

Do you like or love yourself?

Do you wear masks to cover aspects of yourself that you do not want others to see?

How easy to you find it to share your feelings with others?

How easy do you find it to be honest with yourself?

Are you the sort of person who has dreams and aspirations?

Do you feel fulfilled?

Is life serving you and making you happy?

Most people do not know what they want – do you?

A friend said recently that ‘most people do not know what they want and those that do, don’t usually know how to achieve their goals.’ How do you feel about this statement? Do you agree or disagree?

Knowing yourself is one of the most beautiful journeys that you will ever take. By being aware of those around you and your friendships, those which serve you and those which are maybe well past their expiry date you can change and begin to evolve into the person that you wish to be.

We are actually changing and working on our personal development each and every day. Expecting others to understand us when we are going through change is close to ridiculous.

How well do you know yourself?

How well do you know yourself? Are you aware of any habits or outdated belief systems which are no longer serving you? Are you aware of your life experiences and how that have shaped you? Perhaps consider drawing a timeline– a line of time which represents how life events have shaped and molded you. You might want to draw a straight line or a curved line. You might want to put positive experiences above the line and negative below or use different coloured pens. FEEL what’s right for you at the same time. Please note down any patterns that you find and also illnesses or medical conditions along the way, relationships, significant deaths and career changes etc, moving house and anything else which you feel is pertinent to you and that in some way shape or form has affected your life.

This exercise can be most revealing. If you would like to discuss your personal development with me I highly recommend heading over to my contact page to get things started. You can contact me to work on a strategy that is personal to you.

Best wishes and good luck

Mary x


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