Jaipur 14th March

Good morning from the capital of Rajastan.

In these last few weeks I have been struggling with lower backache.
I simply bend over and lifted – unwisely, a bucket filled with washing and

Pain is a funny thing and the worse it has become, then it
has meant I have had to rest and just BE. The root chakra indeed needs to be
re-established and re-connected, even re-rooted?

Many of you know that I love to be out and about. Since moving
here it has been at its worst and the pain almost unbearable. Luckily we have a
lovely hotel and I can rest comfortably here. I have NOT really been out of the
immediate vicinity since Sunday. Unable to walk far or carry even a bottle of
water has brought a deeper patience and understanding of ME.

Many of you have learnt Reiki with me, attended my workshops,
or read my books; the Body/Mind link is at play. This pain is signalling that I
need time to go within.

I thank those of you close to me for your love and support through
this. YES I have cried too.

Making time to reflect through pain and life’s journey can
be incredibly revealing.  I am now over
the worst though being patient and kindly with myself – a huge lesson for us
all at times.

Duncan and I continue to learn about travelling and he does
well coping with me!

Especially when I have been in complete agony. He was
relieved yesterday as it had been the first day of a lesser whinging and fewer

I’m very much a morning person as those closest to me know.
In a few words once I am up and about I’m on full throttle – usually! Duncan is
not so. He usually takes at least 30-90 minutes to come around.

Acceptance of one another’s personal space is SO important.
So, I often go out or sit on the roof until he greets the day. Giving each
other space and respecting our differences is SO important. Otherwise I think
we might just have killed one another by now!

So, of course there’s always the Yin and the Yang; thus,
whilst I wilt like a sunflower in the heat of the day at night after 10.30pm,
Duncan laughs at me – in a nice way of course. They say laughter makes the
world go around and between us the humour is fab.

The journey through India so far has indeed been such a
learning curve. Now my inner journey is also teaching me so much more than I
really wanted to listen to.

Each and every day brings a new learning – not just because
we are travelling and experiencing new places, but rather that different places
have different energies and totally different people too. Each day teaches
tolerance and patience.

India brings acceptance. It’s bringing more acceptance to me
of me.
It brings it of others and through acceptance we gain a
deepening connections.

It has brought a deepening of respect and gratitude on ALL
levels. So, many things I used to take for granted;


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