Jodhpur 8TH March

Well, sorry there has been an absence of blogs for the last
few days.

Pushkar proved to be everything and more than I had initially
expected. Both my heart and soul were on fire for 48 hours leading up to our arrival.
I had NO idea why. It certainly wasn’t just because Mumbai was so busy and
crazy, noisy and smelly! Neither was it that I knew there was a beautiful   Sacred
Lake which was truly sacred indeed. The lake is surrounded by powerful,
magnificent mountains and although there are so many temples surrounding the
lake, let’s just say that some were more spiritual than others.  Some of the so-called spiritual teachers were
also more spiritual than others too.

Those I choose to share that special place with loved it –
or at least they seemed to. The sunsets were ALWAYS spectacular and heart-warming
which is why I posted so many on Facebook.

I met some truly awesome people and had some of THE most
amazing experiences of my whole life.

The journey through India so far has indeed been such a
learning curve. Each and every day brings a new learning – not just because we are
travelling and experiencing new places, but rather that different places have
different energies and totally different people too. Each day teaches tolerance
and patience.

Most of you that know me know I’ll talk to anyone. Getting
to know the restaurant owners and their staff has been amazing. I believe
EVERYONE has a story, if only we make time to listen.

India brings acceptance. It has brought a deepening of
respect and gratitude on ALL levels. So, many things I used to take for

Number ONE: A clean toilet

Number Two: A seated toilet, rather than squat and drop – I jest
you NOT

Number Three: A clean kitchen when we eat out

Number Four: Clean cutlery when we eat out

Number Five: A clean table or tablecloth

Number Six: A waiter who understands English

Number Seven: A place with NO undesirable fragrances; rather
than ‘Eau De Pong’

Number Eight: WiFi that works….for a decent length of time

Number Nine: Electricity that works

Number Ten: Being in a place where NO-ONE is spitting or

The water has now gone off and I’ve had to have a cold
shower using the water I bottled the day before yesterday just in case….Luckily
Duncan didn’t hear the screams! Well, that’s what he told me anyways. It was
certainly NOT too warm.

The reason I saved the water the other day was because I was
fully lathered up when the water went off. PMSL


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