House Reiki

House Reiki is all about healing and re-balancing the energies in your home.

By answering these simple questions you might have more awareness.

How much do you love your home?

How much love is in your home?

Do you feel comfortable in your own home?

Are you trying to sell your home and have had no success?

Do you feel out of balance?

Do you feel unsettled sometimes?

Do you look forward to going home after a long day or dread the feeling of going home?

How well do you sleep?

How well do your family sleep?

How well do you feel when you awaken in the morning?

Do you constantly feel jaded and lacking vitality?

Do you hear noises which cannot be explained whilst at home, usually often in the early hours of the morning?

Do things get moved in your house, such as house keys, important documents, ornaments, mirrors and pictures or photographs?

All of these questions MAY MEAN that your home is unbalanced.

Geopathic stress can be a huge cause of unsettled energies and also esoteric visitors of other worlds or dimensions – such as ghosts. I balance both.

As a natural, psychic and healer I’ve always done this work; be it in a home or even a church, chapel, stone circle or an open field. Over the years I’ve balanced and reset energies in many homes, offices and churches. The differences are usually felt immediately and I have had many miracles happen whilst I’ve been working, such as unexplained noises, singing, voices, lights and visions which are seen by the owner; and of course by myself too.

Geo means geography and pathic means pathology, such as illness. Therefore,geopathic stress means that the earth energies are unbalanced in, or around the home. You may have heard of leylines, which are energy lines that allow the natural flow of the energy of the planet to pass from one place to another. I naturally feel leyline energies. I have been balancing and re-setting them since I was tiny.

Due to roads and the building of many properties without understanding and usually respecting of the leylines it creates blockages and breakages of the lines….I simple reestablish connection and balance.

If you feel your home maybe affected please give me a call. My number is 07828  929659. Costs will depend on property size and location too. Prices start at £300 as I also check the surrounding areas.

I look forwards to hearing from you

Best wishes Mary




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