Healing Of India


Well, another day in paradise. The experiences here have
been both plentiful and enjoyable on the whole. Duncan has been a great teacher
and has given me the confidence to go out alone, cope with haggling and bartering
and SO much more. I have tried a huge variety of different foods and we have
visited many weird and wonderful places too. The beaches here are so lovely
although I’m aware that there is so much more to come. Listening to the Indian language
and being thrown into a completely different way of life has been great to be

The buses here are quite an experience! Many are old –
probably from 1960/70. They really are like those you see on Indian films. They
are dusty and dirty to say the least. They’re full of broken panels an may, or
may not have a piece of string to open and close the door!

I’m loving the experiences though and embracing them all. I
have to say one of the buses the other day did smell of Eau Du PEE (urine)…give
me my NU perfume any day! The smell was unpleasant though I was so glad to be
sat by the window- at least for the latter of the trip!

My fellow passenger who had sat by the window, got up to exit,
the road is hilly here and windy!  Bet you
can see where this is going? Holding on to the seats is useless; as most are
simply tied up with string – you don’t know this, by the way until the bus moves
sharply and your centre of gravity is in No-Where land! Needless to say the
woman in front got one of my boobs right in her face when we went around a
sharp corner! Bloody Hell! I apologised profusely!

The local school children got on and thought it was funny
that an English woman would be sat amongst them. The girls kept giggling
between themselves and then looking at me! Especially when we all got jolted
around like paper cups in a storm! It’s a real education on a whole new level
here. Everyday offers something new – if YOU are ready to embrace the new that

So, we plan to travel on an overnight sleeper! Oh what fun
that will be!!! I’ll be reporting back later, that is assuming I don’t die
laughing beforehand!!! Perish the thought! Thank God I have life insurance……HA

My love Mary x


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