Healing Of India

Healing Of India 7th Feb

One of the major changes in me that India has brought about
is that I have found is that it is ALL very humbling.

I feel a complete sense of deep peace here and a deep
connection to EVERYTHING-especially nature. We are staying in an eco-farm where
the owner grows bananas, pineapples, coconut, herbs and other foods. NO
pesticides, nor insecticides are ever used.

When we arrived here there was a monkey on the roof and as
we were shown around the farm once we were settled in, there were large, deep
holes in the soil. These, we were told belonged to the snakes who ate the rats
on the farm. To be honest, we are living in the jungle and although the owner had
tamed some of it over the last three years, most of it on the rear hillside,
behind our accommodation is inaccessible.

Whilst in the bathroom the other day Duncan saw a small
snake try to gain access through our bathroom window. Luckily we had closed the
glass slats; though now we do a ‘snake sweep test’ each time we need to use the

Chipmunks roam freely here too, simply jumping from one tree
to another. Yesterday when I opened the outer door there was a small monkey in
the tree outside our room. Another was monkeying around a few trees down. We
live on their farm and must respect the connection between human and animal
life. The key, in my eyes is respect.

The trees here are amazing and we are only two minutes away
from a huge vast jungle. We are staying in North Goa away from the busy town.
Waking up to the birdsong is so lovely.

So, here’s to another day in paradise. Much love Mary x


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