Healing Of India

Healing Of India 4

I do hope that you’re enjoying
these blogs, maybe some of you are finding my sense of humour a little weird!
Poor Duncan’s not much choice!

We arrived in India a
few days ago and I’m using the blog to share my story, well our story.

Here’s a copy of the
text I sent to my loved ones back home. “Just been out on the moped, a
wonderful feeling with the wind in our faces and a mouthful of diesel whenever
a truck passes us! We found a wonderful local restaurant and had THE MOST
DELICIOUS veggie pancakes. We will be going there again for sure.

Off to the local beach
tomorrow, I’m quite excited. There are other people here staying on the farm
and a really lovely couple from the Ukraine. They’re very spiritual and she’s a
size zero! Needless to say, each bedroom has its own little veranda where we
dry our washing. Comparing my Bridget Jones knickers to those of a doll, I
decided to remove mine and hung them on the wardrobe door INSIDE!!!!”

Here’s another “Good
morning from the beach. Just had a wonderful breakfast here and a long walk on
the beach watching the men pull their fishing boats in. Just deciding where to
go before the sun gets too hot. We were up early this morning and watched the
most beautiful sunrise.

Bugger and blast as
I’ve already been a feeding feast for the fecking mosquitos! Good job for
aromatherapy and healing cream.

We ventured out off the
beaten track this afternoon before sunset and obviously travelled where few
tourists had ever been. The looks we got from the locals were amazing. We even
thought some might crash their mopeds!

Looking out over the
jungle and the huge vastness was a sight to behold. A most humbling view and I
remember praying that this jungle would remain as beautiful for many years to
come. Gratitude and appreciation. Humility and connection.


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