Good afternoon

Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday as so many of
you seemed to enjoy the blog I wrote.

My dear friend Phill asked was India what I expected. To be
honest with the stress of selling my house, sorting out change of address,
seeing friends and family; not to mention being absolutely exhausted on all
levels – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, I truly wasn’t
expecting anything. I was too busy keeping my eyes open and breathing!

Duncan was kind enough to plan most of the trip and my only
role was to drive us to Manchester to collect the visas. Bless him, he
organised the flights, the visa applications, the accommodation and a basic
itinerary of what we would be doing once we arrived and were settled.

The furthest I’ve ever travelled previously was Egypt.
Arriving here in Goa at 1am was quite something. Once again he stepped up to
the bar and organised a taxi to take us to a restaurant North of the city where
we would be able to have a meal and rest until the morning when we could
finally get into our accommodation.

Haggling with various taxi drivers who see Rupee signs and “want
to pull your pants down” as Duncan says was not easy! Eventually we; well
Duncan, I cannot take the credit, got them down from 2k to 1200….no easy task I
can assure you.

We were both cabbaged, having had a 9 hour flight and over
an hours taxi drive and then finding a restaurant that was actually open had
been exhausting. Being cramped into a tiny taxi with two suitcases, a guitar
and two hand luggage bags was quite a mission.

Driving on the roads in India is quite an experience. For
once in my life I was glad to be a rear seat passenger. I used to drive a BMW
in the UK and I’m certainly not a great passenger at the best of times because
I am a good driver.

Let’s just say that the journey was an education and
terrifying – that is when I was brave enough to look up. I preferred to look at
the sun rising over the palm trees….AND PRAY FOR OUR SAFE DELIVERY!!!! AMEN


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