Happiness is something which we all aspire to achieve. However, just what does it mean?

Personally I think it means something different to us all and having spoken to so many friends, clients and patients over the years then there is certainly a central theme. That theme seems to be PEACE.

The Buddhists call the chatting that goes on in our head the Monkey Mind or the Monkey voices….”You’re not good enough, what are you doing that for, stop trying to improve your life, you are wasting your time, you’ll never be good enough to attract a lovely partner or life the life you want”…..and on, and on the Monkeys go!!!

We are conditioned to believe that happiness comes from external factors such as our bank account, looks, social status, etc. Therefore we look for it outside of ourselves. Yet actually it comes from within.

When we consider Law Of Attraction…..wherever we send our energies and thoughts then that is where we will create. When we think a thought the DNA in each and every one of our cells is activated. The DNA is electro-magnetic and therefore once activated, the DNA does its work¬† and attracts to us what we have requested; just as you would ask a waiter in a restaurant for the order you require rather than one that you do not want.

Take this scenario…”I what to feel happy because I’m not happy at the moment and until I have some more money then I’ll be a nobody.” Therefore we attract more of the same. I’m a nobody is what The Universe hears.

Perhaps a better thought would simply be “I’d love to attract abundance”……How many times have you heard the term KISS; Keep It Simple Stupid.

Happiness comes from loving ourselves and all our aspects. Those that are good, great, medium and the ugly too. Perfection within the imperfection. When we learn forgiveness and non-judgement then we can finally allow ourselves to be more wholesome and less judgmental towards ourselves primarily and then towards others. Finally the Monkey Mind begins to quieten down and we have peace.

Accepting ourselves is key and the key to appreciation is gratitude. So, once we pop LOA- Law Of Attraction in the mix, then when it comes to appreciation which we really FEEL, rather than think, then feeling appreciation and deep gratitude for things such as friendships, health, vitality, hobbies, a walk in nature, our family, life-lessons, our home, our cars, food and so many other things then we can attract MORE Of THE SAME. That means more to appreciate and enjoy.

So here’s to appreciation and gratitude….an attitude of gratitude will usually get you everywhere.Good luck.

For more information then my book “From Stuck Duck To Hummingbird” might just be what you need to hold your hand through life’s journey.

Best wishes, fondest regards and sacred blessings



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