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It was Mark Twain who said the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you realise why. It took me 36 years of lolloping around in the mortal fog, looking and feeling more lost and confused than the Littlest Hobo, before I finally twigged at what Twain was getting at. We all have a reason for being here – we just need to find our path.


That is exactly what this book is all about;  helping you find your way. After her gripping first book – The Goldfish that Jumped – Mary Curtis, a gifted psychic, healer and writer, invites us all back into her world and takes us on a captivating and spiritually enchanting journey of her life since the goldfish so gracefully leapt from its bowl. This time the fish has shapeshifted into a Kingfisher but, for anyone fearing Mary has become carnivorous since penning her second book, fear not. She has merely evolved in every aspect of her fascinating life and, like the Kingfisher totem, she has now spread her wings and found peace and prosperity in her life. From Brian Weiss to Wayne Dyer, from Doreen Virtue to Louise Hay, I’ve read hundreds of books within this genre but nobody makes the journey feel more than real than Mary. And I have her to thank for showing me how to escape the shackles of my ordinary existence after a gentle nudge in the spiritual proverbials from an old school mate.


It was my friend James who introduced me to her first book. At that point, I knew Mary only through the miracles she had achieved with him after the medical world had run out of ideas. Here was a man who had once run marathons but was now struggling to run a bath after being struck down by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Until he hit the wall, he was completely closed off from the spiritual world but, after trying every conventional medicine to free himself of an illness which had plagued his life for over a decade, he decided to contact Mary.


The next time I saw James was in Portugal; he looked and acted 20 years younger. A man reborn. I remember joking with him that I wanted a prescription for whatever drugs he was on. That’s when he told me about Mary and how she had changed his life and been given fresh hope by her incredible powers of healing. I downloaded her book on my kindle as soon as I returned to my home in Switzerland and absorbed every last word on a weekend break on the shores of Lake Como in Italy – a place which, by complete coincidence, Mary spoke about in great depth during the book. There was a lot to take in but I knew I HAD TO MEET THIS WOMAN. The next weekend I booked a flight to England.


When I finally got to meet her in the flesh, Mary gave me my ‘Mark Twain moment’ as she helped wake me up and smell the spiritual bacon, turning my outlook on the world on its head – the full 360 degrees. I felt like a new man as my world opened up to so many possibilities. I’d worked at the top level in sport and broadcasting for so many years supposedly ‘living the dream’ and yet suddenly there was something even better out there, something which made sport pale into insignificance.


When somebody changes your life so radically, it’s difficult to find a present which comes even close to showing the gratitude you think they deserve. I noticed photos of lakes and mountains all over her house and, when she divulged her love of Switzerland, I invited her over to Geneva – the place I have lived for 12 years – and organised appointments for Mary. The locals thought she was incredible – but it wasn’t just people she was healing. I had the pleasure of watching her working with the energies of the Swiss Alps as well as the wonderful waters of Lake Geneva.  It was like Mary had come home. She was in her absolute element and, such was her popularity here, I could have booked her out for the next year with appointments. Some of the things which happened in those few days and next few months left me gobsmacked but I’ll let Mary reveal those in the later chapters.


One thing I did learn by spending time with her was that being born with the gift of seeing auras and hearing voices in your head, like Mary, means very few things are straightforward. That’s what makes this book so riveting. With her high-level guides pushing her hard to make the most of her psychic gifts, Mary meets some weird and wonderful people as she jet-sets around the United Kingdom and Europe healing spiritual hotspots, trying to find her true path as well as trying to get to grips with some past life experiences which have left their scars on her current lifetime. But what makes Mary’s books so extra special is her ability to speak from the heart and to wear her heartache like a badge of honour instead of pretending the bad things never happen. Whereas most writers hold back the full truth, Mary puts her heart, soul and her chakras on the line throughout this book giving it an extra level of pizzazz.


Not only will this book help you to trust more in the universe and have faith that it truly does have a bigger plan for you, it will also teach you how to make the necessary changes in your life so you are in full control of your own destiny. Perhaps the most crucial lesson you will learn from Mary’s wisdom in this book, however, is how to live life through the heart using unconditional love. If you have always wondered what, beyond any other thing, makes your heart tick and what is the secret behind keeping that heart chakra spinning then please do not miss any of the pages which follow. Mary will teach you to learn how to love yourself and, once you have achieved this vital lesson in your life, the rest will take care of itself.


Anyone who picks up this book is simply destined to read it as part of their big plan. Strap yourself in because you’re about to embark on a magical journey. Not only will it make you laugh and cry at the heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories of love, healing and sadness as they unfold, but, crucially you will learn from Mary’s infinite wealth of knowledge and advice along the way which, quite simply, can only come from someone who has experienced life beyond this dimension.


Mary Curtis changed my life. And, if you open your heart and soul to this book, she is about to change yours.


Enjoy the ride.


Peter Sanderson

Journalist, Television Producer & Spiritual Writer



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