from stuck duck to humming birdI’m excited!! My new book “From STUCK DUCK To HUMMINGBIRD” has just arrived from the printers and, though I say it myself, the front cover looks great. Hope you agree!

“From STUCK DUCK To HUMMINGBIRD” is a spiritual handbook, a toolkit for life to help you spread your wings, fly and achieve your full potential.

I’m honoured that Peter Sanderson, Journalist, TV Director & Producer, has been kind enough to write the Forward for me. This is what he says….

I knew there was something very special about Mary even before we first met.

I was lost in the wilderness of a mortal existence, my consciousness paralysed by the ‘things’ we are told are really important in life but – in reality – don’t matter at all. I needed rescuing before I fell back into the robotic western mindset the kids call SSDD – or ‘same shit, different day’ for those of us whose age begins with a four or above.

By some amazing coincidence, whether it be through Mary’s telepathy, angelic whispers or some rather enthusiastic nudges from the heavens, her incredible first book ‘The Goldfish that Jumped’ somehow found its way onto my doorstep.

At that stage in my life I was a man’s man; overflowing with masculine energy, left-brained and with a heart crafted from ice. I had not cried since that moving moment in Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece E.T. when our diminutive alien friend bid an emotional farewell to his human best friend Elliott to return home to the planet where he belonged. That was nearly 30 years ago. Since that day I had lost family, friends, guinea pigs and dogs and despite all the pain building up inside me, I had not shed a single tear. And yet, as Mary’s rollercoaster story unravelled, the tears started to flow as 30 years of pain came cascading out.

This complete stranger’s story had stirred something deep in my heart, not only trumping Spielberg in his movie-making prime by reducing me to a blubbering wreck but also leaving me pondering exactly the same question E.T was asking three decades earlier when he got stranded on planet earth; “What the hell was I doing here?”

A week later, I had tracked Mary down and booked myself a flight to England. I HAD to meet this woman. I was excited beyond words – but another part of me was also petrified. This was, after all, a lady who could read energy fields quicker than Einstein could recite the formula for relativity. What if she knew instantly from seeing my aura that I was about to drop dead or, even worse, told me I was destined to lead a life starved of love?

I weighed up my options, reminded myself the price of my plane ticket, and decided it was well worth the gamble. If it was my time to go, it was better to confront all my fears first especially now the waterworks were back in full operation.   
I need not have worried.

Mary’s door flung open and before I had the chance to complement the blooming rhododendrons in her front garden, she exclaimed “You must be Peter!” and I was smothered in the world’s most spectacularly loving embrace. “What a wonderful woman,” I thought and decided to take a rain check on my own funeral arrangements for the time-being at least, choosing instead to enjoy a pot of tea and a digestive, as Mary opened the proverbial portals to a whole new world filled with love, miracles – and tears of joy.   
The reason I wanted to recount the above tale is because I was what Mary would call a ‘Stuck Duck’, a term you will learn much more about in the following pages. I was marooned on my own island; treading water; sleepwalking through life; frozen. I was simply existing and I needed Mary to teach me how to fix myself. It feels crazy to say it now but I was 36-years-old and I did not even dare to look at myself in the mirror to understand who the person looking back at me truly was.

I had always been too scared to contemplate the subplots of the universe; too frightened to consider that one day I might die; too conditioned to seek out what could possibly lie beneath. I was just letting the dominoes in my life scatter and tumble with no idea I could actually help shape my own future. Worse still, I had no idea how to love myself. A life of northern English conditioning had left me believing that loving myself was quintessentially un-British, a crime of arrogance of the highest order and would invariably mean other people hated me. I had always preferred to bring myself down a few notches when it came to conversation just in case I failed to live up to people’s expectations.

What Mary taught me using her ingenious yet very human techniques was that loving yourself in a purely spiritual way was both ego and arrogance-free and we are essentially of what we think so, if you constantly put yourself down, you will become a more miserable and far less successful person.
But Mary is far more than simply a human being. She’s also an extraordinary writer and communicator, a gifted healer and an esteemed teacher. She is without doubt a genuine sage of our time whose infinite wisdom we all can lean heavily upon to advise us, teach us and liberate us from a life of fear, insecurity and lack of self-love.

I often wondered where I would be right now had I never met Mary. That’s why this book you are about to read is so perfect – so magnificent, so splendiferously unique. Because within the ensuing chapters is a guide to the exact techniques Mary used to fix me.

No longer do you have to read a million books and scour the World Wide Web in search of the answers (or indeed in search of Mary’s home address!). Why? Because all your answers are here in this work of literary art. This is the book we have all been waiting for from Mary. The knowledge has always been inside her and now, finally, we can carry around our own little pocket-sized Mary bursting with her wisdom.

Her first two books acted out the perfect prequel – the honesty, the integrity, the emotional joyride and the life lessons we must all endure to get to that defining titanical moment when your consciousness hits the iceberg full on and gives you the chance to question everything in your life. Now we have got the icing on the cake – the definitive guide to living out a positive, spiritual life in all its glory.

Some of us sink, some of us tread water but, if you’re reading this foreword for Mary’s latest and greatest book to date, then you are already on the life raft and about to embark upon the greatest journey a human being can ever take. And Mary is right by your side.

My only advice is DO NOT just read the book – drink every word and live out every lesson like your life depends on it. Absorb every positive statement into your subconscious and open yourself up to Mary Curtis – one of the greatest teachers of our generation.

Just one final warning before I hand over to the lady of the moment. If you’re currently sipping out of a mug which has got ‘same shit, different day’ emblazoned on the side then please do not get too attached to it because, after Mary’s worked her magic on you, every day is going to bring you a different miracle.

Enjoy the ride!

Peter Sanderson.
Journalist, TV Director & Producer


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