Follow Your Heart

When we follow our heart rather than our head, miracles happen. So many people are stuck in the head as we are such an academic society and yet the heart has such an infinite intelligence and is connected to the Divine. By listening to the heart, we connect to the Source/God/Creator power and it feeds our soul.

Think about the last time you were truly happy and really felt connected and engaged in what you were doing. I have HAD some clients and patients who have asked me if they really have a soul.  YES. We all do. It doesn’t have to be in the religious sense, or on high moral ground, it simply means that we do indeed have a connection to all things and this comes from and through the soul.

So, the question is how do you feed the soul? By listening to your heart its easy. Yes, it really is that simple. What floats your boat? What is it that truly makes your heart sing? Do you like dancing? Singing? Gardening? Walking? Cooking? Hiking? Travelling? Reading? Artwork – be it sketching, drawing, painting or pottery etc. What are your creative talents? if you are unsure sometimes its worth trying something new or looking at what local courses are on offer.

When we feed the soul, we glow. We feel more connected, more contented, more like our real and authentic self. We often find that the ‘Monkey Chatter’ in the mind quietens and stills. We find that we feel  less judgmental and grumpy. Often as we connect more with our creativity we have more energy, motivation, enthusiasm, ideas and feelings of fulfillment.

The truth is….what have you got to gain from being more creative? What is the alternative? What if you fail to listen? Do you want to stay in the mundane?

Life is governed by the choices you make on a daily basis. By becoming more mindful of your choices then you will make better choices and decisions.

Good luck pilgrim on your choices and your journey

Best wishes
Mary x


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