The body is made up of light, sound and energy. There are seven main chakras on the body, the base which is located at the bottom of the spine, the sacral located around the belly button, the solar plexus under the breasts, in the region of the liver and the heart centre in the heart.

Then there is the throat, the third eye in the middle of the forehead and also the crown about two-three inches above the head.

They are all the colours of the rainbow, from red and the base to violet above the head. The chakras are spinning wheels of light which are in the shape of a funnel. The point of the funnel aligns with the spinal column. These are linked to the relevant endocrine glands.

Therefore the throat would be connected to the thyroid gland. Imagine if you failed to speak your truth. Energetically your energy around your throat would become blocked and you might like to imagine stagnant water that becomes blocked. Would you want to drink that water? Would you even want your dog to play in it?

When the energies around the chakras become blocked then we usually have pathology of some sort. Around the third eye it could be perhaps headaches which manifest.

The base centre represents our security and connectedness. Any inappropriate energy here such as when we do not feel safe in the world; through abuse, shock, stress, trauma, redundancy, etc might mean that we have back problems in that region or constipation perhaps.

A river never flows up stream and we are much better to be in the flow with life and allowing opportunities to come to us rather than forcing them.

How many people do you know who want to control EVERYTHING in their lives?

How many people do you know who have very little pathology?

Do you feel like you are balanced, connected, contented, at peace? What pathology do you have?

Do you feel energized or sluggish and tired?

Reiki and many holistic medicine practices help to balance the chakras. You truly have so much to gain.

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