The body is made up of light, sound and energy. There are seven main chakras on the body, the base which is located at the bottom of the spine, the sacral located around the belly button, the solar plexus under the breasts, in the region of the liver and the heart centre in the heart.

Then there is the throat, the third eye in the middle of the forehead and also the crown about two-three inches above the head.

They are all ...

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Personal Development


Questions to ask yourself;

Is personal development important to you?

How well do you know yourself?

How well do you think others know you?

Do you feel others should naturally know you and understand you?

Have you a right to expect them to understand you if you fail to understand yourself?

Do you live your life through other people?

Know what floats your boat and makes you happy?

Feel you have a right to be happy?

Feel nurtured and heard?

Do you like or love ...

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Are You Interested In Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki


Learning Reiki is really becoming more and more popular at the moment. It is available in many oncology centres and in hospices too. In some hospitals they offer Reiki to their staff and the staff reap the benefits by feeling calm and balanced too. I would like to say here that I’ll bet in those places the short and long-term sick absences are greatly reduced too.

Healing has been around for centuries. It’s simply a ...

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What Does Spirituality Mean To You?

Spirituality means so many different things to so many of us. To me in the most simple terms it means being soulful.

Soulful means opening up to the soul and allowing its growth. The soul needs to be nurtured and cared for. I spoke recently to a dear friend and she said that she didn’t know if she had a soul. Being so connected to my soul from such a young age, I was so surprised. She truly didn’t understand the ...

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Can past lives influence you? Part Two

Through past life regression sessions much can be revealed too. I have often witnessed many miracles where people have displayed so much anger towards another person which just cannot be explained in this lifetime. Through the sessions the patient/friend may ‘see another lifetime or situation, where either they were hurt emotionally by that person or where they actually hurt that person in question.’

This often explains why people fall in love so easily too. Sometimes it is in fact karma that ...

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Can past lives influence you? Part One

Do you ever experience de ja vois?

Do you ever meet someone who seems so familiar?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Have you ever wondered how much energy you give away to your fears?

Do you know why you have them?

Where did they originate?

Ever wondered why you are drawn to a certain location? Vacation? Person? Group?

You might feel fear towards someone else or even hatred without knowing why.

There is much controversy regarding the existence of past lives. Some people believe that ...

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Flames In The Cave

This is one of my favourite stories – I hope you enjoy it.

Flames In The Cave
Precious Gifts

There was a soul whose time had come to take a human birth and so it went to the great cavern in the infinite void where all such souls went. In the cavern were hundreds of thousands of souls, each manifesting as a ...

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Does Life Coaching Really Help?

Have you ever seen a Gold medallist achieve without determination and focus? Have you ever seen a successful person being thoroughly miserable? Determined focus will ALWAYS bring results.

Many people have life-coaching these days to assist in motivation, innovation, enthusiasm and to allow them to progress through life with increased awareness. We are actually totally responsible for EVERYTHING we attract into our lives. Our thoughts, words, actions and deeds are what we use to attract the life we need ...

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from stuck duck to humming birdI’m excited!! My new book “From STUCK DUCK To HUMMINGBIRD” has just arrived from the printers and, though I say it myself, the front cover looks great. Hope you agree!

“From STUCK DUCK To HUMMINGBIRD” is a spiritual handbook, a toolkit for life to help you spread your wings, fly and achieve your full potential.

I’m honoured that Peter Sanderson, Journalist, TV Director & Producer, has been kind enough ...

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I spoke to a dear friend recently and he said that he has NEVER felt connected. To be honest I was really quite taken aback and yet when he had said, it I felt his disconnection. It was upsetting and really stuck a chord within me; prompting me to write a blog.

What do you feel when you feel connected? What does it mean to you? I’m guessing that it means something different to us all. Do you feel more connected ...

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