Healing Of India


Well, another day in paradise. The experiences here have
been both plentiful and enjoyable on the whole. Duncan has been a great teacher
and has given me the confidence to go out alone, cope with haggling and bartering
and SO much more. I have tried a huge variety of different foods and we have
visited many weird and wonderful places too. The beaches here are so lovely
although I’m aware that there is so much more ...

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Another day in paradise. SO, we have been here almost a
fortnight here now. What have I earned? What have I experienced? How has India
changed me? If at all. Would I rather be anywhere else? Was it what I had
expected? What do I love about India? Do I have any regrets?

The weeks leading up to coming here I was too exhausted and
otherwise too busy to think about India. My last day in the UK was spent with ...

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Healing Of India

Healing Of India 7th Feb

One of the major changes in me that India has brought about
is that I have found is that it is ALL very humbling.

I feel a complete sense of deep peace here and a deep
connection to EVERYTHING-especially nature. We are staying in an eco-farm where
the owner grows bananas, pineapples, coconut, herbs and other foods. NO
pesticides, nor insecticides are ever used.

When we arrived here there was a monkey on the roof and as
we ...

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Healing Of India

Healing Of India 4

I do hope that you’re enjoying
these blogs, maybe some of you are finding my sense of humour a little weird!
Poor Duncan’s not much choice!

We arrived in India a
few days ago and I’m using the blog to share my story, well our story.

Here’s a copy of the
text I sent to my loved ones back home. “Just been out on the moped, a
wonderful feeling with the wind in our faces and a mouthful ...

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So, upon
arrival we were greeted by the owner who was rather lovely and treated us to
some savoury rice and a cuppa. We were completely cabbaged. We had agreed that
we would rest for a few hours to hopefully adjust to Indian time and get over
the jet lag.

hours later Duncan was still shattered, so I walked down to the local bridge
over the river. I felt both comfortable and safe. To be honest I ...

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Good afternoon

Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday as so many of
you seemed to enjoy the blog I wrote.

My dear friend Phill asked was India what I expected. To be
honest with the stress of selling my house, sorting out change of address,
seeing friends and family; not to mention being absolutely exhausted on all
levels – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, I truly wasn’t
expecting anything. I was too busy keeping my eyes open and breathing!

Duncan ...

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The Healing Of India

As a healer I have always taught of the ability and healing power of healing YOUR life. This is done through healing your soul and listening to your body, whilst controlling and loving your mind.

Several years ago I knew it was the right time for me to travel and journey. Two of my dear sons lived in New Zealand so that was certainly just one of the places on my bucket list.

As time went on India kept coming up time, ...

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Follow Your Heart

When we follow our heart rather than our head, miracles happen. So many people are stuck in the head as we are such an academic society and yet the heart has such an infinite intelligence and is connected to the Divine. By listening to the heart, we connect to the Source/God/Creator power and it feeds our soul.

Think about the last time you were truly happy and really felt connected and engaged in what you were doing. I have HAD some ...

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Are you living or existing?

Are you living or existing? Do you feel you are just going around and around the proverbial goldfish bowl or hamster wheel or life?

Our society now seems to be so absorbed with materialism that we seem to be getting ever busier and busier. I have known some clients to work 60 hours a week or thereabouts. They wonder why they feel tired and have relationships issues. Our focus was once on connection and respect for ourselves, others and the planet ...

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Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction is being used by us all, all of the time. Our DNA which is in every one of our cells activates when we think a thought. Then, as that thought might come to consciousness, we begin to FEEL it. An example of the law of attraction might be when we think we would like a new home. As the thoughts grow, so does their energy. The thoughts then become feelings and we feel ...

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