Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction is being used by us all, all of the time. Our DNA which is in every one of our cells activates when we think a thought. Then, as that thought might come to consciousness, we begin to FEEL it. An example of the law of attraction might be when we think we would like a new home. As the thoughts grow, so does their energy. The thoughts then become feelings and we feel what it would be like to really experience our potential new home.

law of attraction

Would we like one bedroom or two, would we like a small cottage or larger property? Those thoughts and the associated feelings then go off into the ether or The Universe. They are heard; be that by God or whatever force you may or may not believe in.

The more powerful the feelings then the more powerful will be the manifestation. If you believe you don’t deserve to move house, nor do you deserve to live somewhere nice…then guess what you’ll manifest!

Your thoughts are the beginnings of changes we make in our lives. We need to keep them clean, otherwise, we often attract what we do not desire.

Many of us think we are not good enough, only wealthy people have nice homes, I do not deserve that. This is nonsense and it is simply a limiting belief system. We become conditioned as children into belief systems, religious beliefs and cultural beliefs. If your parents had poverty consciousness then you too are likely to have learnt this from them, just as they probably learnt it from their parents, who learnt it from their parents.

By undoing our belief systems we can change our reality. Like anything worth doing, it is worth doing well and by really becoming aware of just where we put our thoughts then we can change them. This is why meditation is so helpful. Some people call it mindfulness. I have some meditation recordings available in my shop HERE… they last about 25 mins. They include The  Rose, The Log Cabin, Let Go and Move On, Gaia Meditation – an earth healing meditation and also The Beach…a simple way to escape to a beautiful sandy beach. ENJOY.


For further information, you might like to read my books – especially From Stuck Duck To Hummingbird. You may also wish to look up Law Of Attraction on Google. Tony Robbins is a wonderful teacher and there are several others too. For further information please simply give me a call or PM me. Also, take a look at my coaching page and take action your future, today!

Wishing you all the best

Mary x


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