Are you living or existing?

Are you living or existing? Do you feel you are just going around and around the proverbial goldfish bowl or hamster wheel or life?

Our society now seems to be so absorbed with materialism that we seem to be getting ever busier and busier. I have known some clients to work 60 hours a week or thereabouts. They wonder why they feel tired and have relationships issues. Our focus was once on connection and respect for ourselves, others and the planet too.

Some people seem to cope with this though most feel fatigue, headaches, a lack of connection, relationships issues, constipation and sleep disorders, not to mention panic attacks and a whole variety of health issues.

How busy is your life? Does if provide you with a feeling of satisfaction and joy? How many kindred spirits do you have in your life? Can you trust yourself and others?

By reflecting daily on our day, or our life then we can look honestly at just where we could possibly improve our well-being. Remember that we all need to be healthy mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. If we are unbalanced in one of these then often it leads to unbalance in other areas.

Many people say that we need to be balanced in the body, mind and soul. So, are you living a life that provides you with balance. Is your life serving you? Are your relationships serving you? Are you feeling fulfilled? Happy? Healthy? Who do you know who is genuinely happy and contented?

Are you willing and ready to make certain changes to your life?

Firstly my advise would be to look at your diet and especially how much water you drink? Please note here that filtered water has far fewer chemicals in than tap water – approximately 350!!! If you haven’t already done so maybe its time to switch to a filter.

How much quiet time do you welcome into your life on a daily basis?

Can you cope with quiet?

How much exercise do you do?

How often do you feed your soul?

What feeds your soul?

What is it  that makes your life special to you?

Personal development and reflection will bring so much into your life.

If you would like an appointment please just phone, email or text me. I have assisted thousands to live a better life since 2000. What have you got to lose?

Best wishes and sacred blessings





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