Mary Curtis is an exceptional woman who has followed her heart and soul to inspire and embrace her life;now allowing her to inspire others.

Leaving the Civil Service in 2003 was a huge risk and yet she knew that she could no longer continue with a life of politics and procedures!

She had suffered with ME/CFS for almost a year and was off sick which had brought about this magnanimous change.Within three months of being treated with Reiki and Homeopathy, she was fully recovered and running a busy clinic in Longridge, Preston, Lancashire..

Curing herself of the ME/CFS with Law Of attraction and positive mental attitude inspired her so much that she then trained in both Reiki healing and as a Homeopath at The Lakeland College.

She later trained as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, then later as a Life-Coach.

She has a real passion for her work and is  a most dedicated lady. She has written four books too and is already contemplating writing her fifth.

An Little Introduction To The Books;

Mary’s passion is evident in all her books and she wrote the first book with the intention to enthuse and inspire the readers. The readers loved it and thus the passion has now over spilled so much that she is currently considering book five!

Her first book is “The Goldfish That Jumped” This book describes how she escaped the proverbial ‘Goldfish Bowl’ that so many of us just get stuck in. After far too many times of banging into the glass  whilst the water became even more stagnant, she finally escaped and created a new life with fulfillment and passion. Reading her story will hopefully assist you to make positive changes and give you enough hope and faith to realize that anything is possible. The testimonials are wonderful and this books has inspired thousands.

Her second book “The Kingfisher That Rocked” is equally, if not more compelling and continues her story on from “The Goldfish That Jumped”. You can feel her passion in her writing on each and every page. Her journey has brought her so many learnings which she shares here to enable you to move towards living a better life. Once again the testimonials are outstanding. A truly gripping read.

“From Stuck Duck To Hummingbird” truly captures this lady’s determination and passion to succeed in inspiring the rest of us. She shares her wisdom of personal growth and how through personal development, she has helped thousands of clients to change and enhance their lives. We all feel like a ‘Stuck Duck’ at times and this handbook should truly be handed out to everyone who breathes! It is filled with practical examples and exercises of how we can improve our daily lives by becoming more self-aware and more conscious of our thoughts, words, actions, deeds and those habits which are outdated and no longer serve us. If you feel like a “Stuck Duck” or you know someone who is then just go to the “SHOP” and order NOW.

Mary’s fourth book is a novel and is unlike any of her other books. She is so very proud of this achievement after wondering at first whether she would complete the task. The book was started in October 2016 and at the time Mary was once again experiencing some life challenges as she moved closer to achieving her full potential and soul’s purpose. Within weeks the book was just less than 6K words. However, inspiration evaporated and she left the book, hovered over the delete key many times before re-starting it again in April 2017.

Her most dear friend Peter Sanderson, journalist, TV producer and director, supported her and gave his honest opinion in May when the book was gathering pace fast and was already 30K words. “I couldn’t put it down and have devoured each and every chapter. Get it finished as it’s going to be a massive success” was his wise advise. Mary celebrated her 50th birthday on 4th June 2017. She finished the book on the 6th June. In her own words she says “It was an absolute joy to write and being a novel, I watched in awe as the characters came to life and the story unfolded. I was truly feeling a little lost when it was finished”.

“Reflections Of A Hummingbird” will touch your soul and maybe even bring a tear or two or your eyes. The story begins with the main character feeling lost and alone, as we all do so often. The testimonials are once again outstanding and certainly Peter Sanderson was moved and touched by this story that shows just how we each weave a tangled web in our lives. Will you be able to put the book down? Those that initially proof-read the book certainly couldn’t!!!!

Let this woman touch your heart and soul as she has touched mine and you’ll feel so much better about EVERYTHING. Enjoy the ride.